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Load Indicator with 2 units

Load Indicator with 2 units
Unit Price Rs. 12000


Model : 0901-9001


 In Stock (Ships in 3 days)
 12 months (against any manufacturing defects.)
download Manual (66 KB)

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  • 6 digits x 7 segments 12.5 Red LED display.
  • Peak Hold.
  • Two Units (kg. & N) (or user defined).
  • Calibration through Software (through reference load or rated output of load cell).
  • 20,000+ (Display limit is +/- 29999 with hidden decimal point) counts at load cells of 2mV/V.
  • Password protection.
  • Smart software to adjust any capacity of Load cell.
  • Relay output on Sample break / Sample crack /  User defined limit / between two limits / Overload limit.
  • Advance setting like Auto zero, Calibration mode etc.
  • 5V DC excitation.
  • Soft & durable key pad.
  • Tension, Compression, Units, Overload, PeakHold and Relay LEDs on panel

Note :  Load cell can be any strain gauge based transducer i.e. S-type / Beam Type / Compression type /
            Special Purpose strain gauge based load cell, strain gauge based pressure transducer, torque transducer etc can also be used.


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